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Imperial Joust ~

Twice this day you will bear witness to the Knights of this realm (Jousting Alliance of Washington State aka JAWS) as they compete for victory at the tilt rail. Make your way to the Arena early to find seats and cheer on your favored Knight! Visit the Information Booth to purchase favors to wear to support your knight!

Hangman's Acre Jailhouse ~

A merry band of military veterans that mildly taunt people of the faire for a good cause. Part of the proceeds from "warrants" and "bounties" they sell go to groups assisting veterans.

BOWI Band ~

Traditional Celtic music will get your feet tapping and your hands clapping! Sponsored by Tracy Jewelers.

Galloway Equestrian Games ~

It takes great skill to perform ring spearing and spear throwing on your feet, much less from the back of a galloping horse. Cheer on your favorite riders, meet some of the finest horses you ever will, and be entertained 'til the cows come home.

Rebel Tymes ~

High energy Irish & Scottish rebel songs and tunes. A favorite of many, this band can be found in the alehouse whilst performing (and likely when not). Sponsored by O'Doherty's

Fairy Brigade ~

Fairy Circles are as elusive as the fae themselves, but keep your eyes open you may see them as the Fairy Court makes fun throughout the faire.

Battle Chess ~

Swords, rapiers and staves , oh my! Feats of skill with blade or staff will prove who is hero, and who is not. Many competitors will enter the Arena, but only one will leave the champion.

Jade Dragon Pirates ~

You never know when the Jade Dragon Pirates are going to be part of a fight. They will tell you that they never start them so it's best to be witness to the beginning of their show so that you can decide for yourself.

Fables By Invention ~

A show of outlandish noble allegories. Come one, come all, bear witness to the fables of old told by our noble courts... exactly how you remember them!

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